Here is the word on the street!

Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good hair dresser. Just something you don’t want to take a chance with the first time out. My employer offers a 10% discount at Good Hands and with further review they are also AAA certified as well as having good standing with the BBB.

—Julie L

Found this place on yelp and with an hour left they are changing my oil even though it was thirty minutes left till closing they took my car in and was friendly about it and they’re not that expensive good in my book and not that far from my house.

—Kent M

Nils and his team at Good Hands Auto are hands down the best mechanics in the Denver Metro area. My wife and I having been going there for the past 5 years and always get great service with a smile, integrity and honesty that is rare to find in a lot of mechanics, and clear explanations of the auto repairs needed explained in terminology that you can actually understand. And yes they even tell you when you don’t need repairs like some of the other posts stated. Outstanding! 

—Marx T

Awesome place and very dependable. They treat you like a person and not a number. Nils is excellent and honest. 

—Cindy P

Once again the team at Good Hands Auto has shown their integrity and uncommon honesty in the auto mechanic industry. I recently got new tires from a ‘cheap’ chain store (should have just gotten them at GHA to begin with) and was told my ball joints needed replacing and they were unable to align my front end. As I already had an appointment with GHA for the 3,000 mile check-up, I just waited until I took it into them. They reviewed everything and assured me I did not need ball joints and had no problem aligning the front end. We have been taking our vehicles to GHA for over 7 years now and recommend them to everyone we know. Won’t go anywhere else – not even for tires anymore. 

—Nancy F

We have been using Good Hands Auto Care for a number of years to maintain our growing “fleet” of family cars and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of car care Nils and his very friendly staff have provided.

We do our best to operate on a budget. Sometimes this can be tricking when it comes to maintaining older cars. The very sharp and capable mechanics at Good Hands have helped us sort through those decisions, allowing us to get the best value for our repair dollars. Although we live some distance from the shop, we take all our cars to Good Hands because we know we’ll always get the best care. 

—Jim B

I’ve been using Goodhands for most of my auto service needs for the last 10 years. Goodhands has consistently provided excellent service and good advice about the maintenance of my vehicles.My first experience with them was when I realized that my car had 70k miles and had never had the timing belt replaced. I contacted the Pontiac dealership where I had bought the car and they told me it would be $250 to replace the belt. Goodhands SHOWED me that the car had a TIMING CHAIN which DID NOT need regular replacement. They didn’t even bother to charge me! 

—Doug M

I’ve been using Good Hands for about 8 years over 3 different vehicles, both foreign and domestic. The staff is friendly and competent. Repairs ranging from oil changes to major mechanical work have been completed on time and within the cost estimate. Good hands is particularly good about telling the customer which repair items are critical and which can wait. 

—Witt S

I received a recommendation from Brakes Plus to use this company for a major repair to my car. The dealership where I bought my car 4 years ago wanted almost double what Good Hands charged me for the parts & labor. They were done with the repair the same day I brought the car in. They are all very nice. 

—Angela D